Sunday, September 14, 2008


There are two sides of me.One that everyone sees and One that I hide.But the hidden must be found. But i myself don't even know how.I smile and act carefree but inside I'm breaking down.I say I'm fine yet it's not the truth.It feels as if the world is spinning madly out of control and I'm losing it.

Everyday problems threaten my sanity.I'm scared not knowing what to do.I dont want to leave but its not my decision.I'm sitting here waiting, unable to voice what i want to say. Am i playing hide and seek with my mind? If it is a game, I want my sides to be one. I'm sick and tired of playing this game but its not my choice , being a human I have no control. But then i am still fighting to control everything. I just don't know until when.I'm screaming on the inside. I don't want to fool everybody with my smile thinking that I'm happy but I'm not.My soul is screaming and no one can hear it but me....

So yes, I may smile and yes I seem happy.But on the inside .........i'm falling apart !!!

Jst listen to the music, beh? Malipay nalang ko ani!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My wordless Friday Fingerprints


Friday, September 5, 2008

Love is all around YOU-My friday fingerprint

Just telling you that, life is too short if we don't share love to anybody.

Hope you share even a bit of it.


Friday, August 29, 2008

My treat to my systah ROSE of the Wranglers 4evahs

This post today is a gift to one of my dear true friend, sister or unsa na gud ning pag-kabutanga, basta!

Your BDAY cake from your systahs, Manding, Iya & your one & only Oray. Gisingot kog bake ani ha? Tag-usa baya jud ta. The celebrant will get the biggest one & smallest one is for the cutiest of them all... waaaaaaaahhhh... ako diay to, toinks!!!

She will celebrate her ??ty five birthday tomorrow. I don't know what to give on her day, as am pretty sure that she got everything, one can dream of. Mor pa baya ni ha?

Hmmmm... mag-nostalgia ko beh? One day last year, mga March 2007, i still recall the month (suppose forgotten na kay, tigul-its na baya kow ai!).I was at home by then recovering from a surgery. I was blogging to one of those thousand sites in blogg world & one day, I saw someone wrote a comment on one of my post. Scary, i felt that time. Remember, I don't really mingle to my co-filipinos abroad. Well, it doesn't mean that am snobby or snappy or whatever but, based to my experienced, people who came from my country are hard to handle. Therefore, I prefer to be alone and silent where and with the true/honest people around me, than running around gossiping on what other have & had. That's not my way, actually. Am so satiesfied living a solemn life.

Anyways, I responded her and from that time, we became as close friend as ever. I don't know what's in our thoughts, nag-ka-vibes man noon mi kaayo oy? Grabe jud. AS IN og sa tagalog pa §:-))

Nowadays, Inse Rose, as I call her, is the one I can rely on in all my flaws & whining. She listens & giggles...pahak pod ni siya bah? Amew pa jud. But to tell the world, I do have feelings to her as my dear tinuod nga systah! Cross mah heart pa lagi? *showing my fingers cross §:-))

So, syagit ta ha? HAAPPPIIII BIG DAY, INSE!!!! wish you all the luck, the kigwas will stay w/ you or us og taas na life... Promise that, we'll reach a 100 yrs old, baya! Mag-contest tag kinsay kusog mag-padagan og rullator.You're worth to chill OUT this w/end. LAB YAH....

Mao ni siya ai! WAFFS kaau no?

Friday, August 22, 2008


I was just in shocked this morning when I open my YM & my co-filipinos sent me a link from You Tube. I can't really believe when i watched the video.

Where are we filipino goes? Are we really in that situation? I hope millions of people who watched the video in You Tube, give their symphaty to Filipino living in the area were they practising this kind of act.


Calling our Philippine Government!!! Help the needy to get their needs, not just the riches needs...

Friday, August 15, 2008

My wordless Friday


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yeah? Am not sure why you feels it so that much? What you see in me is just a cliché, i guess. This lil lady might not what you expected. But, hopefully am telling the truth, as most of the time, I can feel that you really telling me the truth too. Hmmm... do you?

If you see my flaws, you know the reason why. J!!!

Anyways, just listen this..

Ur always there to stay! INHOBBOK, GHAZIZ

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After a YEAR...another number added to my age!

Hmmm...I forgot how many years since I celebrated my birthday. This year was one of the biggest and the funniest, inspite the wetty weather.

Anyway, my guests are the only people close to my heart and I just hope that everybody enjoyed the palatable dishes me & my wrangler ladies in heart prepared for the dinner.
Now, I feel a year older! §:-))
These are the ladies that I met somewhere over the rainbow and I was surprised that our relationship is thicker than any other relationship. LAPOT pas dinuguan no?
LAB YAH systahs,

This is another lady who I care lots since we met for almost a decade now. A real systah, lupig pa ang tinuod na systah sa Pinas...


Monday, August 4, 2008

2geder 4ever

Yes... but do this really happens? How long? Do you think both of us can wait that long to fullfill the unreachable dreams?

Hmmmm... so many questions but so little answers. Just hoping you're there to stay. Or else waiting for you in HEAVEN...

Thank you for being so in love (if that's true) BS? probably yes, eh? Anyways, you know where to find me and likewise.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A wordless & sentimental Day!!!

YES! indeed...