Friday, August 29, 2008

My treat to my systah ROSE of the Wranglers 4evahs

This post today is a gift to one of my dear true friend, sister or unsa na gud ning pag-kabutanga, basta!

Your BDAY cake from your systahs, Manding, Iya & your one & only Oray. Gisingot kog bake ani ha? Tag-usa baya jud ta. The celebrant will get the biggest one & smallest one is for the cutiest of them all... waaaaaaaahhhh... ako diay to, toinks!!!

She will celebrate her ??ty five birthday tomorrow. I don't know what to give on her day, as am pretty sure that she got everything, one can dream of. Mor pa baya ni ha?

Hmmmm... mag-nostalgia ko beh? One day last year, mga March 2007, i still recall the month (suppose forgotten na kay, tigul-its na baya kow ai!).I was at home by then recovering from a surgery. I was blogging to one of those thousand sites in blogg world & one day, I saw someone wrote a comment on one of my post. Scary, i felt that time. Remember, I don't really mingle to my co-filipinos abroad. Well, it doesn't mean that am snobby or snappy or whatever but, based to my experienced, people who came from my country are hard to handle. Therefore, I prefer to be alone and silent where and with the true/honest people around me, than running around gossiping on what other have & had. That's not my way, actually. Am so satiesfied living a solemn life.

Anyways, I responded her and from that time, we became as close friend as ever. I don't know what's in our thoughts, nag-ka-vibes man noon mi kaayo oy? Grabe jud. AS IN og sa tagalog pa §:-))

Nowadays, Inse Rose, as I call her, is the one I can rely on in all my flaws & whining. She listens & giggles...pahak pod ni siya bah? Amew pa jud. But to tell the world, I do have feelings to her as my dear tinuod nga systah! Cross mah heart pa lagi? *showing my fingers cross §:-))

So, syagit ta ha? HAAPPPIIII BIG DAY, INSE!!!! wish you all the luck, the kigwas will stay w/ you or us og taas na life... Promise that, we'll reach a 100 yrs old, baya! Mag-contest tag kinsay kusog mag-padagan og rullator.You're worth to chill OUT this w/end. LAB YAH....

Mao ni siya ai! WAFFS kaau no?