Friday, January 11, 2008

SOME TEST if your in the RISK ZONE!!!

I promised to give some tips if am on the risk zone, right? So, here are some of the signs if YOU're on the way:

c)Sleepless nights
d)Stomach troubles
e)Sweet desire/craving
f)Shoulder & neck pain
g)Irritated and restless
h)Always exhausted

So, you guys, out there, listen & respect yourself and learn to say "NO" or "LATER"

Yeah, easy to say! I know but "priority" is the keyword, actually. I will, start my chilling out mode these days to have a better harmonious life.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

WHEWW!!! Exhausted Mum!

Gee!!! i thought i can take some relaxation during my stay at home due to the stupidity i created! You don't need to know to those who don't know and don't ask once again what was that? to those who knew...hmmmmm....enough kasabâ!

Anyways, this is the 4th day i stayed at home, as i said. Do you think i did toke an off for all those chores i have at home? Whew! imagine ladies (mums)! i now realized that being employed (100%) and a mum (100%) too, isn't a game?

I'm more stressed! when i got the opportunity to stay home, my thought is "HOW WILL I START MY DAY?". I promised myself that, i'll stay in bed how long as ever. Well, in these 4 days, i get up around 10.30am. Not bad, eh? i feel luxurious! compare to my usual mornings. 5.20am my alarm rings (kasi, mag-madali dahil may ka-deyt eh?)Sekweet lang ha? Baka mabuko.

After breakfast, my dilemma starts. I have thousands things to do in mind but i only have 24 hrs.? How will i finish and tackle all those things? I want to go shopping but doing shoppings? I spend the whole day doing that? So, patay ang laundry, the ironing, the cooking & baking, etc etc?

See this shopping mall?Too many stuffs to excavate, eh? so, takes forever!

Cooking w/ the boylets!

Helping the girls! cleaning and washing/wiping all those dishes! Big family!
Sus mi? Tomorrow is friday na and i really feel that i didn't done a thing. I knew i done the most important chores but still!

Do you think am in the risk in burning UP myself? I will write some warnings if i am one of those thousand mums in the risk zone. BRB lang, kasi...gabi na...Meds are waiting for me...

C yah! in the next updates.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More On Global warming issue!

In my previous post, i stated the way how the filipino ways of a simple living. I may be crazy or just blinded. I heard and I saw the changes of our poor country w/ so rich in other aspects, these days.

The undeveloped country is now one of Asia's biggest financial & business centre. You may say, am naive or idiot, why i say so? Pero, that's true talaga? Sige na nga? pag-bigyan nyo nalang ako? Although, am not living in the country for soooo long & i even feel am a stranger to my native land, but still am following it's progress. Internet is so rich on informations, therefore this is my links to my updates. I see the small positives steps, that surely succeed better for each day. Am connected in the financial world and in this case, i see the statistic is going up!

Hmmm...mabalik nga sa global warming? why do i force myself telling you all that we, people in the Philippines have a better way of living? Just think, the small things the normal filipinos were doing? Like given below. In that point, we're not really keen on what we're doing actually, but, hey! Y NOT seat down & think those simple things you do in everyday life? like:
Use this simple way of lighting in the evening. We use a bottle in any sort, make our "pabilo" out of cloth/rag, then wrap the other end of that pabilo w/ a silver foilé from a cigarette pack, then, put kerosene in the bottle and put the pabilo!!!SEE? It lighten the bahay kubo up?

We also cook our food in an open stone stove, so simple but saves energy & we cook our fresh foods everyday too! Healthy! Microwave ovens, not needed.

In a glimpse at the back of this open stove oven, that's the washing area for washing the dishes, caserole, cutlery etc. etc. The use water is running through a bamboo tube going to our vegetable gardens. Recycle!!! Good, huh?

The refrigerators & electric fans? Am pretty sure that filipinos can handle without using those appliances. We started from nothing, right? So, why can't we stop using them, by the way? Let's see 2 days in a week? And if everybody does the same thing, I'm sure our country help least a little.

This means less electricity.
I have lot more examples in my head for saving energy but? might tell you another time. I just guarantee you all... that all this simple ways are still in practice in the countryside, does it matter? Tell me? If we don't start now, who does? Small steps will make us stronger. So, take a small steps to face a bigger one and reach all together and help save our planet, for our future!

Sweet 2ts from someONE dear!


╔╗╔╗╔══╗╔══╗╔══╗- ╗╔╗
║╚╝║║══║║══║║══║- ╚╝║
║╔╗║║╔╗║║╔═╝║╔═╝- ═╗║ NEW DAY!!!

Too wary & worry that ended up to a sleepness night. I received 2 sms from far beyond that keep me more awake. Hmmmm...

Anyway, i hitted TO the nice thoughts, that i want to share to all my readers outhere!


TIME AND THINGS don't really last
What matters are the people we CARE about.
The values we DARE to LIVE by
And SHARE...GOD be with U always.


When U make others LIVE, LEARN, LAUGH & LOVE
U do the same to yourself

For what you get out of life comes from what you put in

----------------THANKS FOR SHARING THESE VERY NICE THOUGHTS--------------------------

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Global WARMING? saons man?

Hmmm...i been thinking & planning the next post earlier tonight! but on my way here, somebody blocked my way! AGAY!!! I stuck for about 5 hours chatting to the lady over there! *pointing my lips on that way! "A pinoy style pointing the direction", it's a PINAY blocks my way? he he...INSE!!! fatay ka jan. However, it's always interested exchanging & sharing our lives chitchats! ups&downs, myseries & happiness...It makes us more tsismosa §:-) he he!!! in a nice way, indeed...*gossipers"

No!!! kidding aside, i asked my dear fween Inse, if my new thought of posting is OK. She granted me that's more than OK. Hope she'll send some pictures so i can share my readers (if i have some?) what I'm talking in here, as if it sounds so old styles or a pure primitive way of living. So, here I am...starting again! Hope U read and give me some advices that may help us better globe living beings §:-) *giggles
Anyways, i'd decided to share some Filipino ways, how we spare some energy, for instance WATER, ELECTRICITY & even our vehicles?

1)When we go to the grocery store? we use to take a bicycle w/ 3 wheels, no fumes & no gas...more cheaper & good condition...

2) When we shower, we only use 2 bockets of water and a "tabo" -HEY, it works too!

In this topic, i really do hope that i can share a very simple way of saving to help our world a better place. HMMMM:::bigat ata? or am i just dreaming to my unreachable dreams? In this case, i don't care, though! take it or leave it.

Some of my experiences when i was in the Philippines. Sounds crazy but helpful, in a way:

Monday, January 7, 2008





ALWAYS Press the pix to see the difference!

Maoy gidangat!!! WAAAAH...allergy SHOCK!!!
Hey! this is the outcome of being a beauty hunter! §:-)
I ate lots of seafoods, that isn't good for my skin treatment. But, it was too late.

TAGAM! MIRISI! hope i won't hear more words from U guys! I had enough!

Brief History of my native Land FILIPINAS

This is my version of the history of the Philippine Island. What if the history books tell us lies? Totoo kaya yan? Anyway, just short brief lang to ha? Do you have things to tell about Philippines? Philippines got many things to offer but giving you all and elaborate in my blog, am pretty sure that you'll get bored reading, therefore, this is just too short to lessen the interest reading boredom!

*press the map to see a bigger picture. I came from south! Mindanao island (Davao)
The Portuguese discovery of the Philippines in 1521 facilitated the growth of Christianity and emrging the new culture. However, Spanish colonization did not actually began until 1565 when voyager Legaspi established a Spanish base in the town of Manila, the Philippines' Capital.
In 1898, the Philippines won independence after 327 years under Spanish rule, but found themselves controlled by the Americans from 1900-1942 and the Japanese from 1942-1945. The Americans brought over their educational and legal systems and introduced their style of government. With the end of the Japanese occupation in 1946, the Philippines regained democracy as a Republic. True democracy was fully achieved by the Filipinos after the "People Power Revolution" in 1986 which led to the downfall of the reigning dictators.

The People

The Filipino is basically of Malay stock with a mixes of Chinese, American, Spanish and Arab blood. The Philippines has a population of 76.5 million, and it is hard to distinguish accurately the lines between stocks.
The Filipino character is actually a little bit of all the cultures put together. The bayanihan or spirit of kinship & filipinos are famous for is said to be taken from Malay forefathers. The close family relations are said to have been inherited from the Chinese while Spaniards introduces christianity.

Filipinos are probably one of the few, if not the only, English-proficient Oriental people today. Pilipino is the official national language, with English considered as the country's unofficial one.


Some 83% of Filipinos are Catholic. About 5% are Moslem. The rest are made up of smaller Christian denominations and Buddhist.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shoppaholic ME!


Shopping??? It is just one of the many things women love to do. We will get to have the things that we want like shoes, bags, clothes, accessories and other things. And I admit it, I’d love to have those stuffs in my closet if only i have lots of cash.

It's hard to pass by all the luxurious shopping malls! w/out swinging in. I just want to go get some veges in Hemköp grocery store and ended up to 5 different shopping bags. OH MY GOD! what will be my alibi?

I grabbed a pair of expensive sandals (huh) not now? My daughter yelled at me. But, I MUST have them, i reckoned. Perfumes, bags & more undies! TO my dismay! i don't even know if i have money in my account?

Well, come what may! I only live once. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! my only answer to an angry man at home. Sorry! guys! I guess lots of women are the same.

No worries at all... i work hard to pay all the bills.


You never realize how much you love someone until they're gone. You never realize that...yes...once their love sorounded you, but now...what do you have?..Memories..Why does love hurt so much, when it's supposed to be such a good thing? Why do we dwell on the past, when the future is what matters? It's something that...yeah...i guess it can't be helped but...maybe it's harder for you than it is for someone else. Faint smells of cologne...a song on the radio...a movie...or a single word...these are things that bring back those memories. But, you can't hide from these things...because...they're there and no matter how hard you try to, they'll always be there. Even when you have moved on to the future...and those things don't trigger the memories as much as before...they still do. You can't forget someone that you've may want to...but you can't. Love cannot be matter how hard we try...and how much we think it'll ease the will always be there...Forever..........