Saturday, December 15, 2007

The 3rd advent Sunday

I was just soooo lazy the whole morning.

Lizah wasn't at home the whole w/end & KJ move to his own now. Me & Lars was at home alone and we're both lazy. We both get UP from bed exactly 11am.

I opened the blinds and saw so gray outside. The 16th of December? Awww... i almost forget that this is winter time. Unfortunately, no snow falls, no thick downjackets & no snowshoes. My feelings is mix. Fall or winter? Crazy huh? Well, no snow? it's more an easy life but as we're living in Sweden this is unusual season.

As i always learnt from my dad & family, this was always the right words they said "be satisfied whatever may come across your path"! That simple words waken me up. I went to the kitchen and fix the traditional swedish Christmas porridge.

Bot was satisfied our special breakfast and i lit the third candle for this advent.


One day in fall, a lad came across my path, an aussie lad asked about pinoy men? Hala! was shocked coz i don't know what to tell her how the real pinoy men mentality are? In my previous blogsite (w/c am on the way to close) i wrote this topic and get some good answers.

CG na? basa naman oh? Give some ideas how the real pinoy men acts towards their opposite sex? TY to J. Santillion for sharing this pix

From my chum!!!
Dating Filipino man, who is in his 40, he have never been married before.
He is never open to me about his feelings or emotions. I don't know much about Filipino culture or traditions; we meet here in Australia. What is traditional Filipino man? What their expectations are? Is it any girls around who is married or committed to Filipino man? There are a lot of postings about Filipino woman, but nothing about man? Please help!


OO nga ano? Pinays are more scripted nga? Y kaya? & more exploited than any other asian countries...

- a letter from one of our friend who gave her comment, goes like this...(pakatok pod)

** filipino men? I'll sum it up in short words. A traditional man is generally a sweet lover.

*** he is, but what about other part of the life? any ideas?


*** 'm not a Filipino man - I'm a Filipino stud ! Filipinos in general have a Western mentality. We don't really identify with other Asian cultures as we still have the American colonial mentality. Actually there's lots of Americans where I work right now. I always had difficulty humoring Aussies, and laughing at their own jokes. But Americans and I seem to mutually appreicate each other's humor. Not to mention that my best friend is American. In short - Filipino mentality is almost
similar to Americans. Full Stop.

You'll soon find out, wontcha. Generally speaking, traditional Filipino men are regarded as "playboys" regardless of how they look like.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Your the candle of my HEART

I don`t want you to suffer with me...
Don`t want you to share the sadness which it inside me...
Don`t want you to build a castles within an illusions...
Don`t want to make you down..
Because love is not just a word to say..
LOVE is a moral duty...
LOVE is obligation between two hearts...
through a souls in front of God...
which never be apart...
and no one can separate between them...

I want to feel and touch this sweet love with you...
I want to feel within this love...
This love which can light a feelings...
and to nullify a mind... to make us feel amazement within it...
This love which can burn from inside...
This love which can take a mind away...
That love which we always dream about...
which make you melt in front of your lover...
and make you choose your lover from among the all...

Don`t think that i do not wish that love...
believe me that i want it...and dream always to get it...
A wide desert inside me, which can hear its yelling...
and a large dark deserted hall, which a wind slam its doors...
while there a small far candle which needs whom can take care about...
To make it a strong fire to give more lights...
to give me a warm inside me...
and to give me a safety feelings...
To make me feel as i am a little kid in a fathers` lap...
who looks to this life through a trust, hope and a love...
This love which i need and looking for...
Do you want to be the candle of my life...?

Now its between your hands...
and you can choose the right...
The right for you and for me..
But hope to be candle which i always wanted you to be.

Sta. Lucia, Dec. 13

Glögg is a swedish spiced-wine punch containing boiled fruit and brandy/aquavit. Always served hot and sometimes misspelled glog or glug to English speaking countries and also ofeten served w/out alcohol. Hurray!!! Good for me!!!

This is the tradition saffron bun. Lucia Day will be a perfect day. The cute Lucia miniature is a picture of a co-blogger that i found so fantastic. Hope i find this and own myself so, i can decorate my crib next year.

Yesterday, i was a lil busy assisting my daughter Lizah in her Lucia Day.

Hmmmm...curious lang no? Am born devoted catholic but since i can remember, i never heard about Lucia Day. Well, i know that we have Sta. Lucia, a saint.

I was really amazed the first year i came in Sweden. That was awhile ago. In Europe, specially in Sweden, celebrate the Sta. Lucia Day.

Lucia's day symbolically opens the Christmas celebrations in Scandinavia bringing hope and light during the darkest months of the year

- Who is Sta. Lucia? was a saint because of her kindness and her love. She was an Italian Christian who lived in Sicily in the 4th century. Some people believe she once visited Sweden. December 13th is also her feast day.

The way she became a saint was that a man who loved her and Lucia didn't like him, Lucia's mother asked her to marry the man but she refused so the man heard about this and he said he would burn her. But Lucia prayed to God to have the power to survive the fire. Because of her kindness to others her wish was granted. The man tried to burn her but she had the power to withstand fire so the man got a sword and stuck it into Lucia's throat. Still Lucia survived for three more hours speaking beautiful words.

- How we celebrate? Schools, daycares & every municipalities around Sweden designate (in voting) a Sta. Lucia that will be crown on Dec. 13, a young woman, dressed in a white gown, and wearing a red sash and a crown of lingonberry twigs and blazing candles, would go from one farm to the next carrying a torch to light her way, bringing baked goods, stopping to visit at each house and returning home by break of day. Every village had its own Lucia. The custom is thought to have begun in some of the richer farming districts of Sweden and still persists although the crowns are now electric lights.

Below is the short myth why Scandinavians celebrate this very special day.

"Lucia symbolizes light and growth for human and beast as she emerges out of the darkness. She is said to have been beheaded by the sword during the persecutions of Diocletian at Catania in Sicily. Her body was later brought to Constantinople and finally to Venice, where she is now resting in the church of Santa Lucia. Because her name means "light" she very early became the great patron saint for the "light of the body"--the eyes. Many of the ancient light and fire customs of the Yuletide became associated with her day. Thus we find "Lucy candles" lighted in the homes and "Lucy fires" burned in the outdoors. Before the Reformation Saint Lucy's Day was one of unusual celebration and festivity because, for the people of Sweden and Norway, she was the great "light saint" who turned the tides of their long winter and brought the light of the day to renewed victory.

Before the calendar reform, her original feast day (the day of her martyrdom) happened to fall on the shortest day of the year. The winter solstice was December 13 by the Julian calendar rather than December 21, which it became with the change to the Gregorian calendar in the 1300s, linking it with the far older Yule and Winter festivals of pre-Christian times. Lucy's lore survived the Reformation and calendar reform, which brought the solstice to December 23.

Another Scandianavian custom was for children, on the eve of December 13, to write the word "Lussi" on doors, fences, and walls. In ancient times the purpose of this practice was to announce to the demons of winter that their reign was broken on Saint Lucy's Day, that the sun would return again and the days become longer. "Lucy fires" used to be burned in many parts of northern Europe on December 13. Into the bonfires people would throw incense, and while the flames rose, trumpets and flutes were playing to celebrate the changing of the suns's course."

From Weiser, The Holyday Book

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My simple Life

I recall every now and then, the place where i grew up. It's a place of happiness and sadness. Sometimes, i think it's only a dream. I live in a sort of quite little barangay Takepan, located at the Pikit area in North Cotabato, Mindanao. Panicupan river or a brook w/c flowed past at the back of our house that we kids, learnt how to swim, wash our clothes & fishing was one of the enjoying place to be. In those days, we farm kids could have caught different kinds of fishes, sweet water shrimps & shells in the stream. I was so afraid to catch them, compare to my childhood friends ´cause i hate earthworms and even the shrimps that they might come out of the water and crawl over me and bite off my fingers.

The deplorable happened when the war between muslim rebels and the military struck this area. I still remember that since my young thoughts, that this war had begun. Anyhow, people who we're born & grew up in Pikit always comes back whenever they have a time.

I left my hometown w/ a broken heart. Or can i say, i left my broken heart in Pikit? Lol*** Hearthrobes! First love never dies though that love already left in this world forever, still my heart beats for him... ngeeeee! in love pala akew??? They said, poverty, i say money wasn't enough but we had everything. Therefore i saw that Life was so simple, then.

Guess, this is the start of my journey! So, guys, hang on...I will relate more next ish! or else this can be boring!!! C yah!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just a short quote 4 2d

Is anybody satisfied with who they really are?

You could be the moon

And still be jealous of the stars

You gotta' learn to swim

If you can't walk upon the sea

So I'm learning to live

And learning to forgive

******(¨`•.•´¨) (¨`•.•´¨)*********
*******`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨)..•´*********-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday, December 10, 2007

Yummy stuffs 4 coffee! Y not try?

Hmmm... 2 hearts be together, Cno kaya ang pinatamaan ng oray, eh?

That's a ginger cookies as well as the 2 boobies, oppsss... cookies w/ almond ( i baked) a saffron roll, saffron mousse w/ orange & granade apple, ginger cheese muffin & the last but not the least that make it fronseat is almond candy, made by moi!!!

Saffron Mousse:
2 dl whip cream
1 pkt saffron
2 eggs
1 tsp sugar
How to do:
- Just whip the cream & sugar till it's fluffy. Separately beat the eggs & saffron well. Pour the egg mix to the fluffy cream, carefully
- Pour the mousse to a serving glasses (just half a martini glass) & top w/ slice orange & granate apple. Leave at the fridge overnight for a better taste.


This is so ez to make that even your kids can make it w/out mums assistance.

2 philadelphia cheese
3 eggs
25 pcs ginger cookies
½ dl sugar
½ tsp cinnamon
75 grm melted butter

How to do:

-Crash the cookies in a mortel fine then mix the melted butter well. Pour in a pan & pre-bake for 5 mins

- Mix all the dry ingredients, mix the eggs after one another and batter it well. Pour over to the pre-bake ginger crash cookies

* If you want to make a double layer, put 1 cookie in every muffin form then pour again the mix ingredients

- Bake for 20-30 mins in 150 degrees or modify the baking procedure. The heat can vary depends where we're living.

So, c´mon....try lang! Wanna have my helping hands? Just ring my bell and I'll be there.

I want to know if you'd succeed. LET ME KNOW, GUYS, OK? C YAH, ALL

Cozy WeekEND

Hello Everybody!
I enjoyed the w/end...a lil cozy at home w/ my family and thinking of someone far beyond the horizon... I was baking some christmas cookies & my specialities.
Then sunday came...friends & relatives came to celebrate the 2nd advent at home and enjoyed the music in the square and the christmas fleamarket, with lots of fun. Everything was so perfect. My crib was so cozy with all my christmas decos. I was amazed that everybody seems so comfy, hmmmm...the ambiance with full of feelings, might the reason why they felt it.

I'll share some pix at home w/ my dear ones & family happenings before christmas day comes.



Hmmm...where are the swedish go? This day is the 2nd advent sunday.
Sta is waiting for the todds to come. I guess he's just fixing the ride for the day. Wish C is here to enjoy the day w/ my families kids too. SUX
In my dinner table...i love fixing my own christmas decorations, so I have this simple group of candles surrounded by some hish hash, lol...bermuda grass, christmas ball, a flower, a ceramic angel & Lizah's rosary, to make the group more personal charisma. Glimpse side by side are my bake cookies then my plates too.

HO----HO---HO---my SM moves inside...we don't have snow yet! but HEY...i love the chilly winter. SM is here inside to accompany us. It so sober staring at him, waving his right hand w/ his hat and move!

Now 2 more weeks to come! Am not really fun of this season. Anyhow, am stressed too, to look for the kids presents. U old people (he he) UR not counted in my list this year or maybe next year. My pocket is OUT OF ORDER.

Sta. Claus said, TILL NEXT YR! §:-))