Monday, December 10, 2007


Hmmm...where are the swedish go? This day is the 2nd advent sunday.
Sta is waiting for the todds to come. I guess he's just fixing the ride for the day. Wish C is here to enjoy the day w/ my families kids too. SUX
In my dinner table...i love fixing my own christmas decorations, so I have this simple group of candles surrounded by some hish hash, lol...bermuda grass, christmas ball, a flower, a ceramic angel & Lizah's rosary, to make the group more personal charisma. Glimpse side by side are my bake cookies then my plates too.

HO----HO---HO---my SM moves inside...we don't have snow yet! but HEY...i love the chilly winter. SM is here inside to accompany us. It so sober staring at him, waving his right hand w/ his hat and move!

Now 2 more weeks to come! Am not really fun of this season. Anyhow, am stressed too, to look for the kids presents. U old people (he he) UR not counted in my list this year or maybe next year. My pocket is OUT OF ORDER.

Sta. Claus said, TILL NEXT YR! §:-))

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