Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yeah? Am not sure why you feels it so that much? What you see in me is just a cliché, i guess. This lil lady might not what you expected. But, hopefully am telling the truth, as most of the time, I can feel that you really telling me the truth too. Hmmm... do you?

If you see my flaws, you know the reason why. J!!!

Anyways, just listen this..

Ur always there to stay! INHOBBOK, GHAZIZ

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After a YEAR...another number added to my age!

Hmmm...I forgot how many years since I celebrated my birthday. This year was one of the biggest and the funniest, inspite the wetty weather.

Anyway, my guests are the only people close to my heart and I just hope that everybody enjoyed the palatable dishes me & my wrangler ladies in heart prepared for the dinner.
Now, I feel a year older! §:-))
These are the ladies that I met somewhere over the rainbow and I was surprised that our relationship is thicker than any other relationship. LAPOT pas dinuguan no?
LAB YAH systahs,

This is another lady who I care lots since we met for almost a decade now. A real systah, lupig pa ang tinuod na systah sa Pinas...


Monday, August 4, 2008

2geder 4ever

Yes... but do this really happens? How long? Do you think both of us can wait that long to fullfill the unreachable dreams?

Hmmmm... so many questions but so little answers. Just hoping you're there to stay. Or else waiting for you in HEAVEN...

Thank you for being so in love (if that's true) BS? probably yes, eh? Anyways, you know where to find me and likewise.