Friday, March 28, 2008


“Earth Hour” has been deemed to be 7:30pm. Everyone in Sydney has been encouraged to turn out their lights for an hour between half past seven and half past eight, March 31, 2007.

The idea behind the “Earth Hour” is that people will think about their energy consumption and attempt to be more thoughtful when considering this.
“Eath Hour” in Sydney brings a few questions not only on my mind but to millions too, which am hoping to be able to answer later.

Sydney by night before the lights OUT for an hour:

After a year, big cities in the world decided to celebrate the EARTH HOUR again, tomorrow 29/3-08 between 20hrs-21hrs. But in my amazement Stockholm isn't included in this world venue, helping to preserve world's energy.

One politican was asked by a journalist, reckoned " If we shut OUT energy for an hour, the city of Stockholm will be in chaos". No electricity means no trains working. But hey! for an hour? and for our environment sake? Can't Stockholm people manage this? If those HUGE cities in the world w/ it's million of inhabitants can survive the EARTH HOUR, why can't we?

That's life FOLKS... we who live in Stockholm survive the delayed trains almost everyday, why can't we just suffer & pass an hour...but to all concern, I will turn OFF my lights for an hour tomorrow though,for the honour of ENVIRONMENT....FOR OUR FUTURE....

Be PROUD who lives in this cities given below:
1) San Francisco
2) Chicago
3) Sydney
4) Atlanta
5) Phoenix
6) Bangkok
7) Manila
8) Toronto
9) Dublin
10) Melbourne
11) Tel Aviv
12) Ottawa
13) Christchurch
14) Brisbane
15) Adelaide
16) Perth
17) Canberra
18) Köpenhamn
19) Ålborg
20) Århus
21) Odense
22) Suva
23) Lautoka

I can see that PHILIPPINES will use this kind of lightning: BE PROUD TO BE A PINOY!

What you think my dear readers? Are you one of those who care's or NOT!!! DECIDE*

Sunday, March 23, 2008



Before any trust can rebuild you must address how and or why it was broken in the first place. This is the time for brutal honesty. A complete confessional of how the trust was broken should only be done when you are both ready to hear it. Anyway there will be a massive amount of stress on relationship once the trust has been broken by lies or breaking promises.

Being lied to by someone you love and felt you could trust is very painful and frustrating. You love your partner, so you find yourself forgiving his/her lies the first time, perhaps the second and third time as well, before you realized you are just involved with a liar. However, because you feel strongly for this person, it is not easy for you to break away, even though you know that is probably what is best for you. You hang on, with hope that things will change and he will not lie to you anymore. You justify staying with him by telling yourself that he is a good person and deep down you know he loves you and that your relationship is wonderful and perfect except when he lies.
THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER FOR A COUPLE OF DECADES (she got secret but not lies, or ain't it?) BUANG JUD KO NO?

What you need to ask yourself when this happens is: Do you consider a wonderful relationship in which your partner lies to you? Is being lied to by a liar your idea of love and respect? When you are emotionally involved with someone, it is not always easy to ask and answer these logical questions. You often will make excuses for a liar, just to make yourself feel better about staying with someone who does not truly respect you. When your partner lies to you, it is because he does not respect you and is not as committed to the relationship as you would like to believe. Of course, there are different kinds of lies- little ones and big ones, but a lie is still a lie, no matter the size or reason for the lie. Look at it like this: if your partner can lie so easily over little things that are unnecessary to lie about, then you can be pretty sure that he/she will lie to you about bigger things that will really matter and damage the relationship.

I guess everyone makes mistake. Just learn how to fix it, also how u going to face the problem. Does he meant to do it or not?! I just consider...
Forgive is good ideal, for both side! Get back or not just another question.

FORGIVE, FORGIVE & FORGET as long as there is still love.... as long as there is the tiniest bit of feeling left. There is enough to rebuild from the ground up, and to form a solid relationship with each other. The biggest portion of love is deep within the heart and will take a very long time to surface to let go.

Do you agree GUYS? Help me w/ some thoughts regarding the post...