Sunday, January 27, 2008

First LOVE NEVER dies! says WHO?

Is this really true that our first love never dies?

Hmmmm...all first love, i pressume that this is so
special, that can't be explain, am i right?
For me, first love wasn't the first fling or the puppy love we had. In my experience, falling in love doesn't mean that that's really the real love. Am so much in love but you don't know if it's the hubby of mine or someone very special over the rainbow? *wink! Waaahhh... a bit complicated to explain.
Dinner at home for 2. This is their entré, sallad w/ peta cheese & cheese rolls******************

Well, I don't think so. If you loved someone for the first time really hard, you will just stay friends after the relationship. I don't think the first one is the real one. First love may never die, but it can wander off. Things change and people change and people drift apart. The old feelings may still remain.
Main course - Marinated pork fondue w/ redwine sause, bearnesause & potatoes of their taste **********************
Recently, my sweet 16 yr old daughter celebrated the 1st year anniversary w/ her BF and 2 weeks later, they splitted. GEEEE!!! i was devastated too. I can't imagine one's child came and cried, body shaked and asked help bout her feelings? Really hard to see her tears falling down on her cheeks. How to explain to a 16 yr old that boy's will come & go?
******Fruit cake DESSERT made 4 the lovebirds****************

I was devastated & proud of myself that i handled to stay as calm as a lamb. When I was in her age, i can't say anything about my feelings towards boy's in my age. My mum was a bit of a tiger claws! So, in times of love & sadness? No way to share to her, or else "patay kang bata ka!".

What can you advice? Anything positive can make my day life easier.