Sunday, September 14, 2008


There are two sides of me.One that everyone sees and One that I hide.But the hidden must be found. But i myself don't even know how.I smile and act carefree but inside I'm breaking down.I say I'm fine yet it's not the truth.It feels as if the world is spinning madly out of control and I'm losing it.

Everyday problems threaten my sanity.I'm scared not knowing what to do.I dont want to leave but its not my decision.I'm sitting here waiting, unable to voice what i want to say. Am i playing hide and seek with my mind? If it is a game, I want my sides to be one. I'm sick and tired of playing this game but its not my choice , being a human I have no control. But then i am still fighting to control everything. I just don't know until when.I'm screaming on the inside. I don't want to fool everybody with my smile thinking that I'm happy but I'm not.My soul is screaming and no one can hear it but me....

So yes, I may smile and yes I seem happy.But on the inside .........i'm falling apart !!!

Jst listen to the music, beh? Malipay nalang ko ani!