Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Perfect Summer Day Menu!!!

I apologize that I wasn't active these past few weeks. I have so many reasons that sometimes can't explain to everybody. Anyways, am here again and hopefully I can update my post as often as I did before.
Below is my tips how to have a perfect summer...
Some ingredients & spices of life makes your day perfect! So enjoy every minute guys! Take care of yourself and your loveones. Chill out!

3m of fresh cut grass
100g of sun
100ml of fresh water
Pinch of sand
200g of blue sky
A splash of a BBQ

5 cup fulls of clouds
5g of sun tan lotion


Begin with 50g of clouds as fluffy as a sheep’s coat.
Then add 500g of sky as blue as a tropical islands ocean.
Add 100ml of fresh water glistening in the sun.
Then add a pinch of sand which is as warm as toast.
After that add 100g of sun scorching in the summers day.
Add 3m of freshly cut grass which has just come out the mower.
After that add a splash of a BBQ which is sizzling in the garden.

Finally add 5g of sweet smelling sun tan lotion