Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My simple Life

I recall every now and then, the place where i grew up. It's a place of happiness and sadness. Sometimes, i think it's only a dream. I live in a sort of quite little barangay Takepan, located at the Pikit area in North Cotabato, Mindanao. Panicupan river or a brook w/c flowed past at the back of our house that we kids, learnt how to swim, wash our clothes & fishing was one of the enjoying place to be. In those days, we farm kids could have caught different kinds of fishes, sweet water shrimps & shells in the stream. I was so afraid to catch them, compare to my childhood friends ´cause i hate earthworms and even the shrimps that they might come out of the water and crawl over me and bite off my fingers.

The deplorable happened when the war between muslim rebels and the military struck this area. I still remember that since my young thoughts, that this war had begun. Anyhow, people who we're born & grew up in Pikit always comes back whenever they have a time.

I left my hometown w/ a broken heart. Or can i say, i left my broken heart in Pikit? Lol*** Hearthrobes! First love never dies though that love already left in this world forever, still my heart beats for him... ngeeeee! in love pala akew??? They said, poverty, i say money wasn't enough but we had everything. Therefore i saw that Life was so simple, then.

Guess, this is the start of my journey! So, guys, hang on...I will relate more next ish! or else this can be boring!!! C yah!


RosSel said...

visiting ur room yesterday once more oi..

Pikiteniang Swefil said...


Maau naka lugar sad ka?

Mulang? grabe ka mingaw sa akong heart oi?

Sus nalang jud!

TY for jumpin´in inside my room. Balik-balik baya ha?

oray 4evah