Saturday, December 15, 2007

The 3rd advent Sunday

I was just soooo lazy the whole morning.

Lizah wasn't at home the whole w/end & KJ move to his own now. Me & Lars was at home alone and we're both lazy. We both get UP from bed exactly 11am.

I opened the blinds and saw so gray outside. The 16th of December? Awww... i almost forget that this is winter time. Unfortunately, no snow falls, no thick downjackets & no snowshoes. My feelings is mix. Fall or winter? Crazy huh? Well, no snow? it's more an easy life but as we're living in Sweden this is unusual season.

As i always learnt from my dad & family, this was always the right words they said "be satisfied whatever may come across your path"! That simple words waken me up. I went to the kitchen and fix the traditional swedish Christmas porridge.

Bot was satisfied our special breakfast and i lit the third candle for this advent.

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