Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shoppaholic ME!


Shopping??? It is just one of the many things women love to do. We will get to have the things that we want like shoes, bags, clothes, accessories and other things. And I admit it, I’d love to have those stuffs in my closet if only i have lots of cash.

It's hard to pass by all the luxurious shopping malls! w/out swinging in. I just want to go get some veges in Hemköp grocery store and ended up to 5 different shopping bags. OH MY GOD! what will be my alibi?

I grabbed a pair of expensive sandals (huh) not now? My daughter yelled at me. But, I MUST have them, i reckoned. Perfumes, bags & more undies! TO my dismay! i don't even know if i have money in my account?

Well, come what may! I only live once. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! my only answer to an angry man at home. Sorry! guys! I guess lots of women are the same.

No worries at all... i work hard to pay all the bills.


Pinay In Ireland said...

Ms. Swefil

Save! shopping is really cool thing. I am a shopaholic too. I often told my hubby that "it's on sale"!!!

Do you spend a lot of your urged?

Maybe you can share how you maintain your inclination?

Dont' you even think the risk or consequences next?

Maybe a theraphy will be the answer if you really are a shopaholic.

swefil said...

Thanks for reminding me!

Sometimes, i wonder how i managed all those expenses i have. The more i earn, the more i spend. A simple combination.

My bills? i only have my shopping bills. Expenses beyond, well, luckily someone is behind my back. Saving me all those hassles.

No worries, am keen of what am doing and i guarantee that it won't go too far.

Am not going any younger, anymore, so TIPID for my retirement.

Enjoy the week-end