Thursday, January 10, 2008

WHEWW!!! Exhausted Mum!

Gee!!! i thought i can take some relaxation during my stay at home due to the stupidity i created! You don't need to know to those who don't know and don't ask once again what was that? to those who knew...hmmmmm....enough kasabâ!

Anyways, this is the 4th day i stayed at home, as i said. Do you think i did toke an off for all those chores i have at home? Whew! imagine ladies (mums)! i now realized that being employed (100%) and a mum (100%) too, isn't a game?

I'm more stressed! when i got the opportunity to stay home, my thought is "HOW WILL I START MY DAY?". I promised myself that, i'll stay in bed how long as ever. Well, in these 4 days, i get up around 10.30am. Not bad, eh? i feel luxurious! compare to my usual mornings. 5.20am my alarm rings (kasi, mag-madali dahil may ka-deyt eh?)Sekweet lang ha? Baka mabuko.

After breakfast, my dilemma starts. I have thousands things to do in mind but i only have 24 hrs.? How will i finish and tackle all those things? I want to go shopping but doing shoppings? I spend the whole day doing that? So, patay ang laundry, the ironing, the cooking & baking, etc etc?

See this shopping mall?Too many stuffs to excavate, eh? so, takes forever!

Cooking w/ the boylets!

Helping the girls! cleaning and washing/wiping all those dishes! Big family!
Sus mi? Tomorrow is friday na and i really feel that i didn't done a thing. I knew i done the most important chores but still!

Do you think am in the risk in burning UP myself? I will write some warnings if i am one of those thousand mums in the risk zone. BRB lang, kasi...gabi na...Meds are waiting for me...

C yah! in the next updates.


Svensk läsare said...

Är du stressad?

När man är sjuk så är man.

Ta't lugn!

I guess your stress because you can't go shopping, are you?

swefil said...

ha ha... du är rätt! tack för att du gav ett bra ord.

jag ska verkligen ta det lugn. no problem.

ha en bra helg.