Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More On Global warming issue!

In my previous post, i stated the way how the filipino ways of a simple living. I may be crazy or just blinded. I heard and I saw the changes of our poor country w/ so rich in other aspects, these days.

The undeveloped country is now one of Asia's biggest financial & business centre. You may say, am naive or idiot, why i say so? Pero, that's true talaga? Sige na nga? pag-bigyan nyo nalang ako? Although, am not living in the country for soooo long & i even feel am a stranger to my native land, but still am following it's progress. Internet is so rich on informations, therefore this is my links to my updates. I see the small positives steps, that surely succeed better for each day. Am connected in the financial world and in this case, i see the statistic is going up!

Hmmm...mabalik nga sa global warming? why do i force myself telling you all that we, people in the Philippines have a better way of living? Just think, the small things the normal filipinos were doing? Like given below. In that point, we're not really keen on what we're doing actually, but, hey! Y NOT seat down & think those simple things you do in everyday life? like:
Use this simple way of lighting in the evening. We use a bottle in any sort, make our "pabilo" out of cloth/rag, then wrap the other end of that pabilo w/ a silver foilé from a cigarette pack, then, put kerosene in the bottle and put the pabilo!!!SEE? It lighten the bahay kubo up?

We also cook our food in an open stone stove, so simple but saves energy & we cook our fresh foods everyday too! Healthy! Microwave ovens, not needed.

In a glimpse at the back of this open stove oven, that's the washing area for washing the dishes, caserole, cutlery etc. etc. The use water is running through a bamboo tube going to our vegetable gardens. Recycle!!! Good, huh?

The refrigerators & electric fans? Am pretty sure that filipinos can handle without using those appliances. We started from nothing, right? So, why can't we stop using them, by the way? Let's see 2 days in a week? And if everybody does the same thing, I'm sure our country help least a little.

This means less electricity.
I have lot more examples in my head for saving energy but? might tell you another time. I just guarantee you all... that all this simple ways are still in practice in the countryside, does it matter? Tell me? If we don't start now, who does? Small steps will make us stronger. So, take a small steps to face a bigger one and reach all together and help save our planet, for our future!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Stockholm

You really had a good taste. Your doing well in your posts. I been reading them everyday.

Good topics that really give us ideas. Job well done.

A avid reader.

swefil said...

Hi there!

Thank you for dropping by and the all the time reading.

I do appreciate that. Keep on reading.

Hope you enjoy your w/end.

Hans the swede said...

A good idea.

Hope we can do that even a day in a week.

World save energy, for sure.

Hope many read this post and find this is helpful