Friday, November 16, 2007

Am feeling sad and lost

I feel like looking at my life from the outside. I have a good life though was tough one. I was really blessed having my family although we're not rich but we have enough. My childhood wasn't appealing but i was happy. I finished my university degree w/ my own effort and i didn't regret it at all. Met my hubby & built my family of my own. We're together for so long now. Kids are grown up. Financially doing fine, as well as hubby.

And find it a nice balance between being a mom and working outside the home. I enjoy my job. So, . . why do I have this constant feeling like my life is miserable, missing something, its as though there is this void that needs to be filled. I
couldn't sleep, was very restless, and felt angry when I really had nothing to be angry about.

´been evaluated for depression & don't have to be desperately sad or suicidal to be considered clinically depressed, and treatments can make a difference. hmmmm...Maybe I'm just restless with my routines, eh? Sounds like a mid-life crisis, as my close friends called it.

Some told me " Normal. You have focused on many areas, but your marriage (MAYBE) has taken a back seat to some of your other "duties" and is now showing signs of neglect. You are a mom, you enjoy your job, but be honest, did those things take away from your marriage and your husband? It is good to have a life in balance, but maybe now is the time to change that balance and really work at the marriage - make it a priority. We suspect you didn't ever get to the bottom of the "rocks" that you hit before, just learned ways to cope with them or steer around them. Go back and start looking at those rocks again."

Guess, i try to seat and think what's wrong w/ me really? Will tell you later what's the outcome.

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