Saturday, December 1, 2007

Philippines Holiday "Bonifacio DAY"

WhyPhilippines celebrate this day? Who is Andres Bonifacio, who to speak? an old lad from the far east and since i can remember, this day is one of the most important day of our country. Bonifacio Day, not just we don't have school. Yeah!!! lots of fun but, hey! WHY? we have this day important, actually, huh?

Well, Andres Bonifacio was one of our national hero. He was born at Tondon, Manila, November 30, 1863. As i read and studied in my younger days, Philippine History, he's studied somewhere in Cebu (can't recall exactly). At a very young age, his parents died and left him & his brothers & sisters. He came from a poor family. He was forced to support his nearest siblings through selling somethings in the street. A wooden cane or sungkod, i guess. Not sure w/ this, though.

Andres Bonifacio was a revolutionary against Spaniards. He was one of thousand members of Jose Rizal organization "La Liga Filipina".

He was once a secretary in Aguinaldo's regime. He was a warrior of his days revolting the freedom of our country. Bonifacio resisted to surrendered and was arrested and sentence to death by military tribunal on May 10, 1897.

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