Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I’m having this delicate topic due to the reason that my young daughter is growing to be a young lady. She’s going to turn sweet 16 on April. Everybody knows that this age is complicated, lots of experimenting unbelievable & stupid things.

One day, she came to me and confessed that very moment that she have a boyfriend. My hearts beats so fast. WORRIED?

I start to planned what to say and what to do therefore I share some of my thoughts. This might help my blog readers who are parents and have daughters.


As my daughter develops into a young adult, she may start asking questions that I didn’t dare asking my mother in my teen days It’s isn’t easy having a daughter specially nowadays. Before my daughter misinformed by her teenage friends, she needs to be given an accurate information about sex from me. Do I dare to give her information what she needs?

A little bit confused and embarrassed.mum. Anyway, my relation to my daughter is good. It's natural to feel embarrassed at first. I’d been working through my biggest fear. My mom never talked to me about this.

Both me and my daughter have an open book. I used to tell her all the examples I been through like in my days…blah…blah” but hey! Those were the days. I realized that the more you’re keeping our children, the more they get rebels. The most important thing when you talk about sex is that you don't say that this is anything other than healthy and normal, we need to explain that this is something that has to be agreed in a relationship after they’ve grown up and there's love and commitment and an understanding that they have to be responsible with their bodies.

Mothers should be primarily responsible for this topic, I may presume and dads can be available for moral support, but WE moms should do the heavy lifting.

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