Saturday, April 5, 2008


It's just like yesterday. Time really flies so fast. Imagine? I can't believe that am married for 19 years? Amazingly, I AM!!! Tangengot ang loka.

After all this years, nag-mamahalan pa rin. Ika nga. In a relationship both must respect to each other and always give way or give some space and privacy to each other.
Ano ba jan? Hard to explain. Many people around us, wonder what is my spice that we still together. I said, RESPECT, PRIVACY, TRUST & UNDERSTANDING, simple as that.

THANKS LARS FOR BEING MY MAN, MY FRIEND AND MY GUARDIAN. Thanks for your understanding that many don't understand how you tackle. Hope we'll both grow old together. Looking forward for more years to come.


Mary said...

thanks for dropping by my gardening blog and for your kind comments. Congratulations on your 19th wedding anniversary - makes me feel old - I have been married for 37 years! Mary UK

Wild Rose said...

Hello from Canada,

Many congratulations on your 19th anniversary!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Marie x

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Re: Mary UK

A wonderful life when you reach the 37 yrs together. I salute you maam!

Really nice to see you come & visit me too.

Million thanks to the comments, make me feels good & inspire.

Hope you come again.

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Re: Marie Canada

TNX for coming by and greet us on our day together. Hubby send his thanks too.

Hope you enjoyed in here and have a wonderful day Maam.


Tidsmästarinnan said...

Hej vad kul att kika in till dig!
Tack för besöket hos mig!

och stort grattis till kärleken, vad fint du skriver!
Glada hälsningar,

Janet McKinney said...

Well you have been visiting blogs - thank you for coming and leaving a comment. I appreciate your words of wisdom - especially below about lies and living with a liar.

Congrats on your 19 years - that is so well done in today's society. Your comments on broken promises reminded me so much of my first marriage - and yes I went through much of the process you described - unfortunately without the resolution. I have now been married to my darls for 10 years and your description of your marriage is so much more like how I am experiencing life now. I am so grateful.

I am pleased your daughter still loves her dolls. They are a delightful hobby - and I particularly love to find dolls that need some love and care, and bring some happiness back where they are. I love to then give them away to little girls who just want to love them.

Janet McKinney

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Indeed, I am wandering around in the cyberspace. Sometimes when I can't sleep. Thanks for dropping by too. I never think you'll going to say a word. Your presence is much appreciated.

Thanks for reading my posts and like them. Hope it give a head up...but reading your reply, i bet you're smart.

My daughter love Barbies of all sorts. She gave some of them to her cousins daughter's when we were in the Philippines, one christmas. Lovely feelings, she said. The girl's love & play more than my daughter do at home.

Hope more advices and words sharings to come, Janet.

Thanks once again!

Anonymous said...

You done a good job.

Not too many young couples can't keep their marriage.

Good words...Understanding,Respect, Trust & Privacy.

The last word, "Privacy" is so nice word to give to the world because most of the couples keep their partners as they are their dogs.

Thank You so much, for the word of really open my mind.

More good advices. You could be a good adviser.

Job well done.


Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Re: Hans

TY for the good words and letting me know I done a good job. That's really fascinating that you think so.

If u think i do, so, always think my words.

Thanks once again that ur reading all my post.

Keep on reading.

Something White said...

Dear Pikiteniang (is it right that this is your first name?),
I like your statement on marriage and do agree with your wise words. I still am a 'young' person who has to learn and discover a lot, but I do believe in values of trust, confidence, faithfulness... The comment of mister Hans up here made me laugh and I think as well that some couples keep each other as 'dogs' and don't give the 'free space' they should give to each other. I do appreciate my freedom in our marriage and so does my husband, but we both are kept together by our faith and our sense of responsability, I guess. Those things are a part of love. Have a nice day and thank you very much for all your sunny comments! :D
Love, Marjolijn

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Hello Marj,

Nice you found back in here. Thanks so much for your nice words.

My name is actually Richie but that name Pikiteniang Swefil is just my a.k.a. Pikit is a place where I grew up in the Philippines. As Philippines were spanish colony for so many years, Pikitenia means a girl from Pikit in spanish.

Sorry for the confusion.

Have a wonderful w/nd to you & your hubby.

Hugs from Stockholm,
My swedish blog: