Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walpurgis Night!!!

Wind is chilly, sun shines & people wear a smile in their faces... so nice. The night of April 30 is the year’s other halloween.

Other European countries call this as other hallowen. Witches, moonlight, chilly night, bonfire, superstitions & festivities, spell & magic. Well, it is a WALPURGIS NIGHT! This is like halloween though and has it's root from an ancient days.

"Scandinavians participated in a ritual that they hoped would hasten the arrival of spring weather and ensure fertility for their crops and livestock. They would light huge bonfires in hopes of scaring away evil spirits".

Well, nowadays, we're talking PARTY! lots of alcohol. Drink till you drop!



RID said...

Thank you for visiting! Glad to meet you!
See you soon!
Saludos desde Barcelona

Pikiteniang Swefil said...


Glad to find you in cyberspace §:-)

Enjoy ur evening!

vosgesparis said...

drink till you drop hhaha, i know shop till you drop but never heared your expression here. We had party to in Holland today as it is quensday, we are celebrating the queens birthday and the whole country is out to party to sell there old stuff on the streets and to sing and dance ;))

Sea Angels said...

Hope you are having a fun evening, it sounds like it might be.
It was super of you to drop by and leave me such nice and warm comments, please feel welcome to drop by any time, I love your posts too.
Hugs Lynn xx

Pikiteniang Swefil said...


Ha ha...that's my expression. As a non-drinker i don't really like ppl drinks till they drop!

Nice to hear that you had a party today. I wish am there to buy some old stuffs §:-) sales.

C u again,

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Re:Sea Angels

I'm jst doing the way the true-blue blogger. Leaving comments as long they step-in someone's blog.

I will c u again, soon.

A-M said...

I will have to find a nice spot for our drinks this Friday night. Stay tuned!

Lisbet said...

Jag behöver lite inspiration så jag kör en liten blogg runda. Har varit lite krasslig efter en operation så jag har inte kommit igång ordentligt. Känner att jag vill se vad andra har gjort och riktigt njuta och få ideér. Ha en skön torsdag.