Sunday, May 25, 2008

After 4 years, still together

Yeah! am back to my normal life just after my short R&R to NYC. Now, Work-home & vice versa. House chores & being a mother, I am a supporter to a teen-age daughter too. In short, a stressy work!

I still remember I started to surf in the cyber space. It was exactly 4 years ago. Well, I do use computers but only for my work. No more, no less.

Suddenly, a co-filipina who loves to wander in cyber space taught me how to surf, chat and all tips how to use internet for private use. §:-))

Anyway, here's the story. I started to know a nice bloke from downunder *wink and our relation became too close. It's surprises me coz he didn't get bored meeting me late at nights or early afternoons. It's cool though. We have some ups & downs too *fniss

I never thought that this world of internet make my life easier. Gave me more importance and somebody in the other side of the world is much appreciated what I have. He got the requirements I needed, is he? Hmmmm...anyways, no matter what it's been 4 years now! CRAZY me!

Thank you for being there for me, listens to my flaws and all tissles & tassles in life. You're spicing my life and make me happy although the distance. Am still hoping that someday those dreams will come true and we both have to hold on.


Two people living on the edge of life
Are people running out of dreams and time
I can hear it when you tell me so
I can feel it but I can't let go

Two people gotta stick together
And love one another, save it for a rainy day
Some people gotta stay whatever
And give one another shelter on a rainy day

Two people living in the way we do
Are people trying to keep a love anew
What to say to make some sense of it
What to do to make the feeling fit

Two people gotta stick together
And love one another, save it for a rainy day
Some people gotta stay whatever
And give one another shelter on a rainy day

I'll come running to your rescue
You gotta stand by me
There's a lot of love between us
We should never let go


Anonymous said...

That's what I call "Crazy Love" or are you inlove?

Keep on going. Just be careful that no one get hurts.

Enjoy life with your true love feelings.


Jema Rose said...

Tack för din kommentar, visst är det roligt att samla på något!

: )

Ha det bra, kram från Jenny


Pikiteniang Swefil said...

RE: Marie

TY for understanding. I promised U that no one get hurts. If someone is, then that's me!

Always enjoying the moments we shared, that makes our lives full of meaning.

greetings from Stockhol,

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Re: JR

Absolut! och man får ärva dem senare §:-)

Inte elak menat, men sånt e livet.

Anonymous said...

Hi hi... what are you doing of your lives? You have to be thoughtful to your loveones, aren't you?

But, if you're feelings are strong too for each other apart from the distance, so go on... just stand by your half till the lights off.

Love one another: as TT said, cool said Ms. Swefil you're one of a kind. That's the reason am always coming back in here bcos I feel you are a true person, that don't afraid to voice out the truth inside. Keep up the nice work.


Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Re: Annie not sure if am a true person but I used to show the real feelings thoug §:-))

Hard to keep it. Well, as i said i promised not to hurt anybody, apart from myself, for sure!

Am just a human like others. So, i can commit a mistakes in my journey of life. And this will be the footprints till the end of the rainbow.

Thanks for the good words.