Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's Resolution?

Welcome to the new year 2008.
As many of us know that every new year millions of Us give their lives resolutions. Not just to quit smoking nor drinking. People nowadays were so keen of their health. It doesn't mean only food. Generally, a good LIFE.
To name a few of our year's resolution:
1) QUITsmoking & drinking
2) Loss weight
3) Exercise more & w/ green healthy food (explore what types of exercises REALLY work in a minute)
4) Spend more time w/family
5) Get out from debt
6) Get organize
7) Enjoy Life more

Yes! these are the most important things to do for the whole year, well, for some of us, though!

Bout U? what would you prefer of the above resolutions? Why not give me a hint to help me keep my resolution & reach my goals, ´cause i have 3 favs to do!!! but i won't tell you unless, you give me some advices. he he-----§:-)

See the picture? I want to be like her..waaahhh!!! what a dream of an old lady!

Good Luck to all who's tackling their new years resolutions. Hey! don't be to harsh to yourselves. Be friendly to your body & mind. Small steps ahead can give you the good result.

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