Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Rainy DAYS

I love the rain in our lives
It reminds me of the times that are special
The times that we take just for ourselves
The times for just you and me and the rain

The gentle rains are the times for our walks
To feel the wetness against our skin, walking together
To laugh and splash like children in the puddles
To kiss and embrace in the sweetness of the rain

The thunderstorms are the times for cozy fires
Resting in my arms and feeling the warmth of desire
Feeling the security of being lost in my love
Listening to the pounding of the rain and our hearts

The lighting flashes across the dark skies
It lights up the room and highlights your smile
You bring a glow to both my heart and my life
Those brief interludes of light illuminate your love

As the thunder outside rumbles ever so near
It is like the love inside me that yearns so near
Building and growing stronger each day
Till like the crash of the thunder, my passion explodes

I love the rain that falls in our lives
I love the feelings that each storm provides
You and I live for each storm that comes by
Oh, my dear, the rain says I love you all over again


Anonymous said...

emote kaayo ka tita igz.... but i love it!

...sometimes my hubby says i'm so corny about some of my ideas pero i think that's the fun part of everything!

keep going, luv yah!


tita igs said...

hala! edzzz!!! *dalang halog!

musta namo diha? Good you peeped in. been awhile na sad wa ta mag ka tsika.

Well, as u know nothing special baya diwes akong warto ha? jst writing whatever i think & feel writing. La ganiy grammar. kalidadis ang agi, cg lang.

Enjoy the w/end w/ ur loveones and GB.

//tit igs