Saturday, March 1, 2008


Yeah! it happens that I know some friends that connects w/ our Philippine Artists!

It's an honour to met them and in the same time cool. The stars are just like us. They cry, they laugh, giggles and make fun to each other.

I like the artists that feel that they're feet are still on the ground. These are the true persons i met! Actually, it's not only the filipino artists whom I met before. I been working at the 5 stars hotels in Stockholm. As a VIP incharge, it's a sort of cool task. I'd met ROd Stewart & the EIley Brother's, Pavarotti, Tina Tuner, Paul Young, Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Back Street Boy's, Madonna, Spice Girls... my fav is Billy Idol to name a few. It's been awhile, though. Unfortunately, no pix allowed w/ them & the staffs.
Watch it out!
Press the x sign, to make the music video lessen it's size!!!


Girly said...

Cool Post of you.

More stars soon, right?

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Will check my old albums if i find & scan them for more pics in here.

TY for dropping by.