Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lent: What is it? why is it? When is Easter?

Here's some learnings why christians celebrates lent & easter. Different countries have their own traditions how to celebrate this season.

Philippines for instance. The country practiced catholicism since 15th century. HOLY WEEK is the time of crowded churches.

The highlight of the year for Christians is Easter, the day when our Lord rose from the dead. Lent is a forty-day season of preparation for Easter. Lent always begins on a Wednesday, called Ash Wednesday. myspace graphic comments

40 days? Why? Because, Jesus fasted and was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days. Lent, then, is our time of fasting, prayer, temptation and repentance. Lent is not required anywhere in scriptures, but it has been a custom, which Christians have practiced for most of the last two thousand years.

According to the New Testament, Christ was crucified on the eve of Passover and shortly afterward rose from the dead. In consequence, the Easter festival commemorated Christ's resurrection.

Easter festival should be celebrated throughout the Christian world on the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox; and that if the full moon should occur on a Sunday and thereby coincide with the Passover festival, Easter should be commemorated on the Sunday following. Coincidence of the feasts of Easter and Passover was thus avoided. myspace graphic comments

More informations: pls press this link: HOLY WEEK


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