Thursday, March 13, 2008

AWWW...sickie and bored!!!

It's been awhile am home due to the influenza i got!

I don't know what to do next? It feels boring doing nothing at home. ANd? i don't have the energy to do all the household chores either.
The packing is forgotten... i been surfing day & night just to make something different but now I don't have any ideas to post anymore.

I just cough & cough & more coughing day in & day out. I feel so tired though can't sleep. Funny thing, that i heard from my half that i was talking while sleeping. He's been there to listen but unfortunately, ununderstandnable! Luckily enough, NOT! "bayag gaingon ko akong kasing-kagol kang kigwa" fatay ang beauty nako doh?
SAKSPAN! unta ko no? He move to the spare room so, he can sleep deeply. he knows how i felt when i laid beside him while he's snoring. This isn't just last night, folks? It's been ages! well, specially this past 3-4 yrs §:-)

Hope he won't read this post....

OK..this is all for now!!!


rost&rosor said...

Hello! Thanx for visiting my blogg.Oh, that problem with snoring partners i know everything about.Hope you get rid of your flue soon.xxoo Katta

Hemma hos Klara... said...

Thank's for visiting my blog.

Jag har också haft influensa över en vecka! Jättetråkigt! Inget kul på TV, jobbigt att sitta framför datorn... *fniss*

Må så gott och krya på dig!
Helena said...

Hey Katta,

Thanks that you found my room too! §:-))

Yeah, it sux! at i always ended up in the spare room. Supposedly, it's him who will move...

I do hope too to rid my flu but it ended up to "lunginflammation" du vet! En långvarig hosta alltid är så. Nu är mer penicillin.

See u again around!

//swefil said...

Välkommen Helena!

så glad att du hittade mig hit! *fniss

Det ble lunginflammation istället! men nu äter jag penicillin och hoppas den hjälper.

Vi ses hos dig igen!