Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mosquito Net, why use them?

Yeah, am still struggling w/ my pneumonia and this is the 2nd week now. My fever still there and it won't ease!

Anyway, i have to do something different from what I used to do, "i thought" but there's nothing different from what i used to do, though! Eh! screwed up again?

<< new generation's mosquito net"

I was layin' down on my bed and was thinking what to post next in my left behind blogg §:-)
And suddenly, it come across my mind MOSQUITO NET! hey! when I was young, I wonder why we used mosquito nets? I heard different stories from my old folks. Scary, funny storie As i know now, they always tell us a "story telling a lie" *giggles heaps*

It happened that when Lizah was 6 yrs old, we went to the area where I grew up in the countryside. It was a nice quite place, long from the stressy mode and away from everything but so near to the crazy civil war.

After awhile LIzah starts to have fever & started to have nosebleed & that's the sign of a "dengue fever"

Mosquito nets protects from mosquitoes, flies and other insects and tropical countries really need to use this for protection from malaria. Mosquito nets are often used where malaria or other insect-borne diseases are common, especially as a tent-like covering over a bed.

For effectiveness, it is important that the netting not have holes or gaps large enough to allow insects to enter. Because insects can bite through the net, the net must not rest directly on the skin.

Hey! i know that mosquito nets protects from lizards, spiders and all small creepy things. I hate them!

So, FOLKS, when you visit wherever tropical country you wanted to visit, always think the mosquito nets. You can buy them where you are and in a very reasonable prices.
Pls. press this link for more information about the diseases from mosquitoes_
Malaria & etc.


Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Yea, a humble bee buzz my ears that he can't send his comment in this blog! he he

It's not easy daw? I said if it won't work, just press the anonimous as long you write who you are, so i know.

Yes, that kulambo is from Puerto Galera. Cute no? Filipinos use this talaga.

More comments are welcome and i love to relate some riddles.

Thanks Parekoy. HOpe u find the next step ur in here.


Anonymous said...

gana ang muskit. ang amo plastic baya to ay.

maayo pa cla. cg maayong mahal nga adlaw.

ang tsokoy sa daplin