Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thoughts that strike my Mind: TODAY...TY for sharing

Still at home and having all the rest to get better from the pneumonia, insomnia and other "mnias" words. I been browsing the cyber world quite awhile and ended UP to someone close and this is the message that caught my mind.

She said:
It's when you happen to know that there is just no hope for you being together yet you still pray to make it work.
"it's when your mind says let go but you heart tells you to hold on.
it's when you dream of that person almost every night only to wake up in the morning with tears in your eyes.

and most of all...
it's when no matter how you try to forget that person, you just can't... cause the fact that you love that person and you just don't know why"

I might be damn crazy but every words she uttered was true. Sometimes, when someone fall in love to "someone", everything feels so real and vulnerable. But hey! open up UR mind, you might be asleep or dreaming? No! i howled back. "Am full awake and i know it's for real". But, suddenly "someone" tripped my foot & then i realized that the thoughts are just in my mind and not for real.
In the other hand, the other "someone" is for real too? but do you think his feelings for real? We have to wait and see if he's real & the feeling's real. If we see it? then he'll be here for me to save me, the spiritually feelings we have, if there's one?
Am always mixing things UP that sometimes I ended up to a screwed life!!!

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A bit crazy thoughts! Do you think am CRAZY? Yes, world...kick my butt back if I am.Thanks for listening my whimpering morning. I guess this is the outcome of my heavy dosage of the anti-bios? *lol


Anonymous said...

hmmnn this an honest presentation of feelings ,humble enough to share to the world being a weakling when inlove....

but now i feel blessed, for the pain there was only for a while .I'll just let time pass and soon it will be over.A memory may stay but I wont let it bother,For I will be a lot stronger and definitely..... WISER.

I salute to your conviction ms.simchie1, you're right! the other "someone" is for real , but how about the feelings? was it real? i realized it was not tho mine is for real.

NAUNTOG NA PO AKO! (ako pala yun?)hahahaha


Pikiteniang Swefil said...

He he!!! sabi ko na nga sa ýo eh! Ingatz...

Kidding aside. I really caught this 2ts kc, i hitted it eh? Hurts talaga but when ur inlove, u really don't care if u hurt someone dear to you, right?

Being weak in love is scareful! I just do hope that someone can cure me, in a way.

Thanks for opening my eyes & i know we're both blessed. This pain is curable pala? Ano? ALAXAN?

Sowee, patawa, from now on, ingat sa pain ha? there's a reliever kaya lang too expensive naman.

HUGS to U sis,
//swefil 4ever

Anonymous said...

dear tita igz,
please use OTC first for mild to moderate pain and if the pain gets tooo bad, might as well use generics coz they are as effective as brand names and much cheaper too...words from the nurseline service......yeyyyyyyyyyyy! hala namemorize na nako akong lines .....

tita igz, it's really nice to dream and holding to the dream as if it's true, but you really have to wake up ug manghimuta^..... coz if this person is really for you, he could have shared his life to you a long time ago... but if only it's for the thoughts, lami lang pamalandongon ...maybe let it stay as it is and enjoy it ....some backup inspiration in the back of your thoughts coz if you may cross the lines, the joy that you're really looking for doesn't really exists and it will just give you a lifetime of sadness.........

but the funny parrrtttt of this, is that these persons will sacrifice a moment of happiness just to taste the reality of the heaven their minds are setting them for...mao^ na sila ang maingon nimong mga gago ug gaga.....mao nga SABTON na lang kay mao diay nang mabuang sa GUGMA....for me,what a bull....well, bless their hearts!

i think i've watched too much of love story movies.....remember, somewhere in time, ouch! that movie, casablanca? gone with the wind(part 1-thank GOD for the second part, got a happy ending)and the property is condemned-mao jud ning movie nga i think like pinoy style jud with Robert Redford and natalie wood...these are great wonderful movies but oh my, my.......

anyway , tita igz.....just take it easy and i know where you really're with your best loved ones in life coz you're enjoying life to the fullest....just like d\ cat said, when i gruuuu up, id layk to be layk tita igzzzzz.......

yeyyyyy! CARES..................edz

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Sus, maau nalang niabot ka Edz! Abi ba nakog gdalhan ko og mayanâ og tuba-tuba? Saons kana man nuong mga generics ang gihinganlan? TAkdan jud doh? *lol

Anyways, yeah, i really do understand your concern, kabayan? I will guarantee na controllable pa man? Og i will never surrender sa akong kahimtang ron oi? Am enjoying the lovable and adversity life i have and i know, "someone" can't offer.

"Spice of life" ´ka nga? no involve physically ha? Kyawa oi! If it happens i never show myself to all of you who cares for me. That's a promise. It really seems you've been watching soap's huh? kinda cute, though! kini-kita nako nga mura kag katong bata pa ka? na-lukso-lukso jud if kakitag cine sa plaza or didto sa gym?

Last thing i can assure you Edz, ur tita igz is so blessed. Lots of people loves her dearly & purely. "Someone" might not exist in our eyes but we do connected spiritualy.

Don't tell me too, that when you grow up, u will be layk tit igz too! bwaaahhhhaaahhhaaa...

LAB Yah Edz! my warmest hugs and love to ur hubby & lil princess

Anonymous said...

Ms. Swefil!!!

Talaga naman ikaw? ur feelings are really true, ika nga? ano ba jan?

Who is this "someone"? Is he really for real or he just ur fantasy? Maybe your just daydreaming of "someone" but his not exist. What if?

Syanga? pilit mo eh? He exist na! I'm waiting if he do exist. Tsaaaadan!

Thanks for your presentation. Inspiration, all your tions.

/mahal kita

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Mahala ba oroy?

Real or not, daydream og nag-kina-unsa ko ako nalang gud na? If i fall inlove, sala ba diay. Inlove w/ reasons, aguy oi. Kasaba ba og gugma nay-istoryahan nato?

Saons nalang mo. Gai ra ko ninyog time na ma enjoy while am stil young at heart, old at figures §:-)

Bitaw...have a nice EASTER.