Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Am still around!

Whoever pass & read this blogsite & wonder "what happen to the owner?", well! this site is still very ACTIVE but sad to say that the owner is out of time to update her posts. Am still around and promised, as soon I settle my health, my house & my love life, will be back in here, again...

As of now, I lost my strength! LOVE plays so hard in my life right now and am feeling so "UNFAITHFUL"

BEAR w/ me...


Anonymous said...

Aww! what happened lady? Are you sick or just in love?

If your sick, just take it easy. If you're in love, then take a break, if that make you sick.

Do you think, he is worth loving? Hope your not wasting your time loving him. I don't know you but I been reading most of your post and realized that you are really a good woman and a wife.

Hey, as I said, take it easy and take care. Keep the good job in here and be happy.

Many are surely waiting for your post.

Best regards,
Sue said...

Re: Sue

Yes, things up here is just complicated. We both don't know what to do, or mb I don't know what to do.

No probs, i will take care and let things past. After awhile this will be alright, again. But am not hoping for the best. Everything has an end, therefore I take this as an end.

Hurts but it wasn't my choice. Mb he found a new interesting lady so, what i can say, is Good luck.

TY Sue for the concern.

All the best,


Jasså du är i sthlm=) Ja men här har vi ganska bra väder nu=) Äntligen=) Ha en underbar sommar du med. kram på dig

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Re: moonlover's

Hmmm...tack att du kunde komma för en titt.

Hoppas du hittar min andra blogg som jag alltid uppdaterar.

Ha en trevlig kväll,

Anonymous said...

Härlig blog. Nu in till din andra:-)