Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life Process

I was thinking many times what was my life experience or my life process??? Hard to believe but in every life we have a process from the day we bornt.
Guess, am going a lil deep in thoughts but this is really a serious subject, specially to parents outthere. Here's my whimpering words that maybe an eye opener or maybe to be laugh at to others.
"The theories and concepts contained within the the process of this life experience reverb in memories of my own childhood development. In junior high school, most of my closest friends were boys. I often found girls to be competitive, while boys let me engage in activities without having to worry about who liked who the most or who was the most popular. However, because of this I was often subjected to teasing because of preferring to hang out with boys more than girls.In a sense, the two sexes are raised in distinctive cultures,Do you agree w/ this? Well, I do, due to my own experience. While I tended to resist these categories or different cultures naturally while a young girl, I found that doing so often made me the subject of ridicule from others. Girls were often fond of teasing me, calling me names like, tomboy or even a hoare because I enjoyed playing games with boys like kickball and tag.
My own family members were often guilty of encouraging such distinctions. My mother used to tell me that girls should play with girls, and my father would say that others would talk about me if I did not act more like a girl should act. Girls and boys are bombarded with messages about sex roles from birth. While I could often discuss this issue with my mother in an open manner, my father refused to think I had any right to continue the behavior. Is this a valid discussion, how parents and educators often add to the environment or culture that promotes teasing and bullying of children based on roles of sex and gender?"Can someone tell me, if am right or wrong? This subjsect just came across my mine when I was sitting in a train, recalling my past. Sometimes, it hurts & sometimes makes me proud because I came too far that I never dreamt about.

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