Friday, November 9, 2007

Do He Loves Me?

In my previous blog, i wrote about loving someone miles away. But then, i wonder if he really truely love me?

Here's some thoughts! whether miles away nor near! Listen to every word he/she says!

Love brings behavioral changes in human beings. If we observe a person who is in deep love, we would definitely find the basic changes in him/her at the first glance. However there is no certain set of rules that can be applicable to fathom out whether a man has fallen in love with another woman or vice versa. During our childhood days, we get contented with the sense of material love but with the passage of time, it is the fragrance of romantic love that allures us the most.

here are many people who lack expressing their feelings through words; instead they express through actions. Suppose you meet a boy who could not express his feelings to you in words but gifted you something very romantic, you must praise his action and speak about that gift while interacting with him afterwards to carry the relationship further. If he has feelings for you, he would definitely gift you on many occasions in future too.

A man truly loves you if he makes you feel special by offering you flowers or any special item whenever you meet him. He would ring you not only at casual hours but also in odd hours…even at the dead of night. It is because he wants to feel your presence and would like to spend some moments with you. He would even sacrifice his other friends for you, because he values you more than anyone else. He would always pay heed to your words - what you say and what you feel. The sound of your television set may be at the peak but he would find way to listen your words.

Apart from these characteristics, he would be passionate for you, would show interest to hug or kiss you, touch you and would like to have a very intimate and personal relationship. So, if you find any of the above ideas similar with your present boyfriend, you can rest assured that he truly loves you.


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