Friday, November 9, 2007

This time I must start to get serious bout who am I

Those who'll read my blog, i want to let you know who i am.

I will start from the day when i remember what life is. I probably be crazy in my early age, but i know somewhere behind tha back of my brain, is kind a smart.

You will know why and how it happens?

But first, i will introduce myself to ALL outhere, to people who know or don't know me. And i do hope that, you understand my explanations as my language now are more complicated.

Am a humble, nice, gigly and sorta flirty sometimes. As my mother often called me "Igat" or "langaw pulag lubot" fly w/ a redbutt" he he... I was baptized w/ a spanish names, that i really don't appreciate it. Ma. Caridad, old fashioned name.

Anyway, the youngest child of 6 from a middle class family. I guess, i am blessed, though the tough life i had. My family is so strict then. Dad is more calm while mum is like a tiger. We, kids were so scared when mum was on the go.

I was borned on the month of August, in a very critical area down south of the Philippines. The Mindanao Island. This is consist of 13 regions. Remember, the civil war? that many of you outhere don't even know that this happens in the Philippines? Yeah! Takepan is a very tiny area in Pikit North Cotabato. A 4-5 hours drive from Davao City. Am not quite sure the population then, i might guess around a thousand inhabitants?

Will continue soon! it's middle of the night now...see u soon

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