Saturday, December 8, 2007

I can smell Christmas is so close!

2 more weeks we'll celebrate our Christ birth. As christians, we have some ways celebrating this season.

In the Philippines, it was funny when December months comes. Families will change their 10pesos to small denominations, cause lots of kids do carolling.

Yeah! from the starts feels cool...but then, the next evening, same kids come back & sing the same christmas song just to have some more coins. one of them! but hey! during my time, when we go carolling, we really do our best shot. We practiced the songs properly and even had some dances.

Am not sure nowadays, nothing we're serious anymore. During my time, doing carolling, you must have a permit from our municipality. Seems that kids abuse the spirit of the serenity, eh?

I was annoyed at the end cause hard to bare all the songs and sings unproperly. I even shouted out that "NO ONE'S HOME"...

Share your funny Christmas carol story!

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