Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, well... Valentine's Day is on the air. The lover's images heart, chocos & cupid.
But don't let the pressure get you down. Along with the stress also comes an invaluable opportunity to impress her/him. A quick review of the following Valentine's Day myths might surprise you -- they may even burst some of your long-held beliefs about the holiday. about those wives & husbands who cheats their partners? How will they celebrate this day? What a lucky creatures huh? Love by 2 lovers? I may say the wife/husband are lucky to have the cheater whilst cheater, also lucky that the wife/husband love the cheater more that the real one. always screwed UP...My thoughts are always twisted! I don't know if I can explain both sides?

Anyway, dear readers! What can i say is that: INHOBBOK HAFNA DEJJEM GHAZIZ, no matter what...believe it or not. You know that well. And to the real man: ÄLSKAR DIG SÅ LÄNGE JAG LEVER!

SEEE, caught in the act! Am a cheater? LOL*** i might be crazy but that's the way it goes! My heart is twisted!
If I have a time to think and tell you some signs of a cheater, well, I will be back for another issue, ´bout it. I promised you will get an I C mode §:-)
HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO ALL..! nO matter what, as long heart beats to someone, the stars are reachable.
So long...tjingg...


steven said...

Your always nice twisted mind & heart.

It makes me laugh. You are a truely lady who tell what you feel.

Nice one

andy & angie said...

I do agree w/ Steven.

Twisted people are really smarts, don't you know that?

I want to read more twisted stuffs from you.

Hasse said...

A stunning mum w/ a heart of gold.

Keep up the good work. Readers are following you anywhere you are.


swefil said...

Hello Steve,

§:-) tnx a lot

Your visit here is appreciated. Welcome back.

swefil said...

2 A's wonderful you come and peep on! I never thought that someone will read my stuffs.

Thanks for the good words.

Caome again

swefil said...


Välkommen tillbaka.

Tack ska du ha med dina fina ord.
Hoppas att du kommer att stanna kvar och mer kommentarer.


spink said...

LOVERS/mistress are best you can get! though you always go back to your partners.

Partners are just partners. You only eat them even they're not palatable.

Not wrong if you have 2 lovers. I will say, "Thorn between two lovers". You are gorgeous indeed, so no wonder guys love to be w/ you. I will too! lol

swefil said...

HEY! ur such a bad husband, huh? Did u read the recent post i have spinky? Bear in mind to every words it says in the story.

Just don't forget that if your stuck in partnership ur into it in ur whole life.

So, don't ever think of me again, coz i hardly can't bare 2 lovers §:-) not another one.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice pm wherever u are.