Monday, January 14, 2008

1st day at work from my Sickleave

Jenny & Moi

Today is the first day at work!!! Looking forward? Hmmm…not really but in a way I missed my tasks. Crazy indeed, but I really love my stressy job, though.

Monica, Karin, Katja & Magnus

After a week, it’s nice to be back too. I was started to get bored at home. Now, am starting to tackle all the problems & hassles. My markets are a bit complicated but doing this thinkable job is a way of exercising your brain cells.

Lucky enough, there’s not much problem solving here today? What a nice & a good new week! Just 2 small disturbances & a little old interest claims, that I will compile (if I fancy the moment). Hmmm ... might be check later.

I do missed my nice colleagues, too! They’re supportive & good team players. Stressy but we enjoying what we're doing.

Christina & Mariya w/ a colleague from another group...


Anne said...

It looks like your enjoying your company with your workmates.

Nice to hear that they're as good supporter as your are.

Always keep up the good work!

swefil said...

Thanks for dropping by here.

Yes, they are. Sometimes a bit grumpies as we really have a head over heels of work.

But, i do enjoyed my work.

Thanks once again,