Wednesday, January 16, 2008

INDECISIVE FEELINGS to be 2 sided personality

Pls. *press* link to listen IMMIGRANT SONG by Led Zeppilin he he he...

It's hard to start to write this topic. Maybe many of you readers thinks that this issue is just a "tabboo" as other racists issue.

But, before you jump to your conclusion, i do hope you give me a chance to explain my part. I'm eager to receive both positive or negative feedbacks. Without this, world is in misery (only in my thoughts). + and + won't work so do - and - either, isn't it? + and - are the perfect combination. (D'Nics, your truelly a good support in all I had gone through)

First and for all, i have an asian background. I don't mind being called immigrant coz i am. Living half of my (YOUR)life to a foreign country isn't a game. While going back to where I (you) came from is more complicated. I can tell the real experience coz am doing this now. I feel lost when am in the Philippines and sometime i feel so stranger in the country coz for not living there for so long. Living in Sweden isn't easy either from the start. Language, mentality, people, etc. etc. Everything's different. So, i started a new life in my mid 20's. So far so good. I didn't experience such unpleasant refute, though am different from the crowd. The people think that am so petité, so cute. Funny!

Feeling stranger in your own country isn't a good sign as well as when your in the country your living in. What a culture collision!!! It's not funny! Imagine? One foot stuck to the foreign country and the other side stuck in the origin country. How it feels? AM SPLITTED INTO TWO. not easy indeed! Coping up the UPS and downs! ain't easy either.

In my situation, am so lucky having a very supportive family. Many whom i know have problems with their halves, the social contact and work.

The only thing i can say to the people who's in this situation is that, We have to adjust ourselves in everything and ways. Go out and mingle, show to them that you can handle the life and live in the new country. Be positive in any ways, if you encounter some problems, consult the professionals. Help is everywhere.

I guess, i said too much therefore I will stop being Tita Helen, but it's no wrong reading someone's experience. These can be the solution or maybe help others who really have problem tackling the situation.

See you soonest & have a happy reading! Thanks for having you here.


Hans the swede said...

Hi Ms. Swefil

What a cute name!

I read all your blogs and i found that all your topics are interesting to read. Yes, i believe what you wrote as i have lots of friends from different countries.

I want to read the continuostion of this topic. Well, tabboo or not this is a very important issue not in Sweden but the whole world.

Sorry to my english because I am swedish like you.

Lycka till tjejen. More power and more words from you.

swefil said...

Hej Hans,

Tack att du läser min blog. Välkommen och hoppas du stannar kvar och tycker till.

It's ok with a basic english. Mine isn't good either coz am not an english speaking myself.

More coming soon, so HANG on!


Hans said...

Bra! gjort