Sunday, January 13, 2008


I was whinning a couple days ago coz am sooo stress and felt i didn't do anything. Kanang gud nga hagu ang feelings?
Then, when i had the time to stroll in the city, wander on the cobbled stones on the old town, i found some things that i want to have "URGE" calling.

I can't say no to this things though they're not the "must" ones.

I ended up to the upper part of the city where you can find nice stores. One of my fav stores located in this area. URGE calling again! Here i got!

Hope the Irish Pinay won't get upset when she read this post as she really worrried how i handle my shoppaholic mode. I bought these things, in a way that i like them and basically, need them too.
Sometimes, it feels am just spending or let's see "A BIG SPENDER"? me so! am just doing the things i can content my likes and i fell so contented and happy. So, simple i am! Might think am materialistic. Call me so!


Avid read said...

Many things in one day?

As long you have the marginal in your account, so i think there's no problem at all.

Think first before handling and worry later?

If your happy then go for it.
Always think that there is tomorrow waiting.

Anonymous said...

hi, its not bad to buy happiness though if you got a bottomless pocket.

be content in a day and tomorrow will be another one, another trends if not ? what a boring life!

so be happy and buy what you want and feel for, worry? no worry hakuna matata!

swefil said...

Hi to you!

Ain't got bottlomless though, but i still survive doing things it make me feel happy. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko. Seems a child feelings, bagâ!

Yeah, as i said some times in my past post that "we only live once, so enjoy life to the fullest".

Tomorrow is another day, another way to solve whatever i may encounter. That's life.

At least, am enjoying and have a good feelings.

Thanks a Mill for swaying in!


swefil said...

Avid reader,

Welcome to my room.

Thanks for reminding me and giving me all those thoughts.

I won't be spending more than i earn §:-) do i sounds???

I just can't keep my eyes away from those good things that i love. Rmember, this is still a "SALE" season of the year.

Good Esprit bag ain't bad if i only paid 30% of the original price, isn't it?