Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well, it's been a couple of weeks since i didn't see you around.

What's bothering? Sickness, well, but you're not dying, eh? Hmmm..u say u "missed me?" U think so? I don't know if I believe that? If you really care for someone special in your heart, you really look for a way to meet her/him. I been so sick too but I gave some time to meet "this" someone special to me, whatever it takes.

Rule's tiring me OUT.. coz it seems your jeopardising me and that am afraid of, soon you'll lose me!

Anyway...i just thank you Leonardo's Brides song, which I often listen.
It eased the feelings of loneliness. It seems this song is my prayer, everytime I miss the person i call "Dark Spice", Soooo much!

who's UR thinking?
Other prays "Our Father" if they're in vain, Me? Why not listen to this song. This is my prayer if my heart is in agony, & frustration of lonesomeness

143 Even when Am Sleeping *press here*
Don't be confused by my apparent lack of ceremony,
My mind is clear.
I may be low or miles high off in the distance,
I want you near.

I love you,
even when I'm sleeping.
When I close my eyes,
you're everywhere.

And if they take me flying on the magic carpet,
see me wave.
If our communication fails I'll re-connect it,
I want to rave.

I love you,
even when I'm sleeping
When I close my eyes,
you're everywhere

No matter where the road is leading us remember,
don't be afraid.
We have a continent that sometimes comes between us,
but that's ok.

I love you,
even when I'm sleeping.
When I close my eyes,
you're everywhere.
When I close my eyes,
you're everywhere.

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid.

Ooohhhhh ooohhhh ooohhhh

Take care all you guys outhere and have an enjoyable new week!

HUGS from a lonely lad!


mindanaw1 said...

You are so romantic but don't really dig yourself in with that feelings.

Do you really think "this" person is worth?

Mindawan1, you know best of yourself.

LOL stand up high, girl! Be happy instead.

Luzy said...

Malandi ka!!!
CNO ba yan? Parang miss na miss mo na áta?

Sana pogs boi ha? Pag-pangs tadyakan ko sya! harharhar

CG na nga? wawa kanaman? parang dumu-dugo na yang puso mong mamon ah?

Sabihin mo sa akin para ipaabot ko sa kanya.

Ingat ka dyan!

swefil said...

Luz Aguilar!!!

Gaga ka talaga. Yaan mo naman akong umibig ng kuno2x paminsan-minsan eh?
Ngayon lang naman ito, di ba?

He he...miss kuno pero ´lam mo? medyo?

CG duon sya naka-tira oh! sa baba ng bayan natin? tsk tsk...

Sya! ingat ka rin jan & hugs to hubby & kids.

swefil said...


well, all my friends n ppl who are near in my heart are all worth longing.

i wish, i am reachable spec to those who are really in my heart.

thnx for the good words

Hans the swede said...

Not wrong if your inlove. Look only that no one get hurts on your way.

Be strong.

swefil said...

thank you so much for giving me the support.

yeah, somebody will get hurt when i intrude of course for both parts.

but no worries! only our hearts & our minds know what we're doing. if we really meant for each other, then will let & see what will be the result in this.

we're only enjoying the time, the moment, that's all.